well, the long, strange trip is over, but the destination is nowhere i thought i’d be. in theory, above you should see my brand new work id card, and above my name the letters MSN. that stands for what you think it stands for, yes, microsoft is my employer (actually, microsoft is the client of the company i work for, but it still means that i do tech support for msn). so you’ll hear no more microsoft bashing from me, at least in public forums, as it’s possible i could lose my job. heh. irony. other than that, though, it seems to be okay. i actually like the new version of msn, i just wish it ran on more computers. sure, okay, it runs, but it makes your computer 20x as slow, and that’s not bashing, that’s fact. it’s a big program, and, though i like it, i can rarely use it. more irony: i tried installing msn8 on both my computers, and both of them had problems surrounding the software, and both sets of problems were different. i can’t even use it at work because the computers there are too slow to be able to handle it and the call handler and ticketing software i have to be running at all times, in addition to a few other web pages open.


the first entry of the new year. i’m in the running for a job, yet again. ho hum. i hate looking for a job. josh says that he thinks 40% of the time spent immediately following graduation is used looking for a job. that sucks, because i’m not looking for a career, just something to pay the bills. i decided i wanted to update this a bit more, since i have all this time on my hands and all…so to your left you should see a new links page and a new geek page. the links page is fairly obvious, and will be comprised solely of sites i actually visit regularly, in addition to having the semi-obligatory “friends” links. the geek page will be all about the various things i do that are in any way geeky, like gaming and other such nonsence. basically, if i see anything geeky on my computer that can be turned into html, it’ll probably wind up on that page. also, i’m working on updating the tarot deck so it’s not so naked. don’t know when it will be done, but when it is, it’ll include all the text in all it’s former glory despite my various changes of heart.


my birthday was last week. i’m now 24. so don’t make me feel any older. the site will be undergoing even more changes as i alter the scope and attitude behind it. basically, i want more focus to be on my music, that which i want to do with my life, and my life as it is now…there was, and has been way too much that reflected my life as it once was that i never bothered to change. one of the new changes was going to be removal of the tarot deck. i thought twice about this. basically, the rationale was, i’m married, i don’t want my former participation and condoning of those activities made public, especially with the wedding pictures up…i don’t want those old horuseye images reflecting on the current happily married images because they’re two completely different worlds. plus, my attitudes on the subject have changed drastically, read my Gender Manifeste to learn more about that. but of course, the biggest new thing is the wedding page is finally up. so go here to check that out…more pictures may be on the way when i get around to scanning them, of course, but for now, here’s these, courtesy of reni driskill. also made some minor changes to the music page and the aboutme page.


i’m waiting for a job. i’ve been waiting for this particular job for about a week and a half. not really waiting for the job, per se, as much as waiting for the guy. every time i call he’s in a meeting. he seems like he’s going to hire me, but then he says he hasn’t done such-and-such or he hasn’t come to a decision yet. well, i called him 3 days ago, and he said he’d have a decision for me the next day. well i called, and he was busy, then i called later, and he was gone. so i called the day after that (yesterday) and couldn’t get a hold of him. i called today, and his office assistant told me he’d call me right back. i called later and he wasn’t available, and the other office assistant told me the best time to get a hold of him was “well, later is better.” so i’m waiting for a job. and while i’m waiting, i decided to make some random content for the site. so new as of today is a random music review generator with javascript stolen from Ak’s site. i also fixed the scroll on the menu to your left <- . it should work better now on most monitors. have fun.


so it’s been a long time since i even thought about updating this site. but i’ve got a lot of time recently, and some big important events have happened that makes an update important. important because the person who was on this website before is not the same person who’s writing this now. physically, i’m the same, but other than that. the site has undergone a complete reconstruction, so while a lot of the sections may be the same, most of them have been changed. there is and will be a lot more interactive stuff, too. like a place to request prints from the wedding as well as copies of the cd’s that were playing, as well as other stuff, like i’m making cd’s of my radio shows in england that i can copy as per request. by the time you read this, the site should be mostly done and all of these changes will have taken effect. so check out the new stuff in the wedding, music, and bio sections or just play around. this will probably be the last update for a while again, so i’m trying to make it so that another update isn’t expected or necessary.