new theme and pretty titles

class=”aligncenter” I added the “Metallic” theme which was ported from the old site and I’ve added in a pretty titles wp plugin (ttftitles) that makes an image from the text using fonts you upload — i like it a lot.  I have one more theme I need to port over and then I think we may be done with the redesign — we might do two more themes, one from each of us…we’ll see…

New ThinkTank Studio beta site launched!

class=”aligncenter” Hi.  You’re looking at the brand-spanking-new ThinkTank Studio website.  We’re still working on adding in a Theme Switcher to allow you to change the look of the site, but we decided it was time to launch the site anyway.  This is one of our favorite themes that we’ve built for the site anyway, designed by Erin.  Stick around, and come back soon — we’ll be updating a lot!