omfg boycott the new $1 coin

ok, so i get a lot of forwards from my biomom. some are cute and worth reading and passing on, some are religious and worth deleting, some are racist and not worth my time, but tick me off anyway, and some are morally outraged at one thing or another. but regardless, i read them all, even when i probably shouldn’t. a lot of different people read this, including some of my family, i believe, so possibly i shouldn’t even write this here, but if she reads this, well, i don’t think it would hurt much…just, if you are reading, probably skip the rant…

so the most recent forwarded email has to do with the new $1 coin. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT it decries. BOYCOTT THE NEW $1 COIN! If someone tries to give it to you, politely ask for a paper bill! Why? THEY REMOVED THE ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’!!!

so, okay, i’m not totally agnostic, but i still fail to share in the moral outrage. still, it seems surprising, especially under our current evangelically religious administration, that they’d actually pull out the ‘in god we trust’ bit, and at the very least, i was curious to see what the coin looked like. so i did what all web-savvy people usually do and googled it. and i found a page (and interactive flash tour) on the u.s. mint site about the new $1 coin.

here it is people. stop you’re whining and your ignorant f’ing moral outrage. because guess what: YOU’RE WRONG! see for yourself here. THEY DID NOT REMOVE THE F’ING ‘IN GOT WE TRUST’! and anyone who shared in my 2 minutes of research could also share in this revelation. it’s been moved, yes. possibly if you only saw the flip sides, you’d think that it was totally gone, but if you actually took the time to go to the source (i don’t know how much more direct you can get than the united states mint), you would learn that they moved the ‘E PLURIBIS UNUM’ and ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ to the edge of the coin. which actually is kind of cool.

<!– begin rant –>

this just pissed me off. i mean, it’s one thing to get outraged about teaching the pledge of allegiance in spainish, or making prayer mandatory at public schools, or abortion. these are things i understand have two sides and are based on differing opinions. and they are polarizing hot topics that generate heated debate on either side. and i have my opinions on such, and i understand other people have theirs and i respect that. this isn’t about opinion though, this is a moral outrage about something that isn’t even based on accurate information. so now there’s this chain-lettered national ban on the $1 coin for what? nothing! because they didn’t do what you think they did, you ignorant morons. i know, i know, in this wide world of the internet with all of these “words” floating around, and each one sounds true, it can get confusing sometimes finding reliable information. but seriously, 2 minutes of research. not even that. learn to use a search engine.

<!– rant end –>