a little argument with myself

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this is the argument i have in my head:

upstart blogger has been around for a while. he’s established trust with his honest representation of things. he approaches topics reasonably. he’s also exposed a few twitter scams and pyramid schemes. he’s built a good reputation. also, he makes a lot of money blogging: a lot more than i do (which is none). the only money-making links he has on his site are his affiliate program with AN hosting and, now, Twitter Rocket. Twitter Rocket, therefore, must be like a gift from god, given all the reviews…

really? what’s so special about it that’s different than the scams he’s exposed? the language he (and his following) uses about it make it sound exactly like other twitter scams.

surely you can’t fault someone who’s discovered something worthwhile for trying to profit from it. that’s what any product is. you’re paying for something that someone (multiple someones) finds valuable. that’s not a scam.

the self-perpetuating cycle of twitter rocket -> affiliate links -> twitter rocket sales feels pretty scammy.

that’s just using the system.

seems to me that @blogginghannah abuses the system. her twitter stream is littered with twitter rocket aggrandizement, and she’s purportedly the top seller. as glorybug posed the question: is it possible to make money with anything else?

sure it is….in theory. but if it’s a great product, and you’re using it, and you think it’s great, you become the perfect salesperson. it’s just part of the system.

that kind of system will break, won’t it? i mean, if it was really so awesome, everyone would eventually either be using it, or refusing to use it.

we’ll see, i guess.  however, there are enough twitter users that that won’t happen for a very long time.

what about all the upstart blogger wannabe’s? luke davis’ (aka @sixfigureluke‘s) comment over here uses almost the same language as upstart blogger when dealing with people who haven’t used twitter rocket but make claims against it. even @blogginghannah occasionally uses the same voice in her blogmondo dynamo is no different. and they both use wordpress themes that are based on ashley’s own (or at least an older version of upstart blogger). could it be that they’re all just characters ashley morgan has created to sell his product?

occam’s razor: it’s easier to believe that they are actual people than to believe the web of intricacies necessary for them to be fictional. plus, it would sell his product a lot better if it actually worked.

that doesn’t mean it’s not true…

no. just highly, highly unlikely.

it would appear than that twitter rocket is without fail. so, what’s the holdup?

i can’t see it.

excuse me?

i can’t see it. when i go to best buy and buy a game, i’ve read reviews of it. the reviews talk about what the game is like, who it was made by, what the gameplay is like, what other games it resembles, and rates it accordingly. when i go to the store, i look at it, check out the graphics, read the description, and then decide if i want to shell out fifty bucks for it. since i don’t know the details of how twitter rocket is so great, and so much better than everything else, and completely NOT like those other twitter scams (although we’re not sure exactly why), i distrust it. it feels scammy. moreover, it feels exactly like all those other money-making schemes where there’s this great thing, but we can’t tell you what it is until you buy it:

what i have in this box is the most remarkable thing you’ve ever seen. once you see it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.
what’s in the box?
i will reveal it to you after you pay me $97.
i just want to know what’s in the box.
i can’t tell you what’s in the box. i can only tell you that it is so very valuable, that you could potentially make that $97 back in a matter of hours.
um. great. what’s in the box?

that’s true. but what if it is true? what if i really can make that money back quickly? if it pays for itself, and then some, isn’t it worth the investment?

it depends. i hate being a salesperson. if using twitter rocket means all i ever do is tweet about how great twitter rocket it like hannah does, i would hate myself, passive income or no.

but twitter rocket claims that it can support any kind of revenue. and anyway, it’s just the method to get followers, it’s not a money-making tactic in itself.

no, but i’ve yet to see much evidence to the contrary.

…and so on. it drives me completely nuts. or at least, was driving me completely nuts until i decided to just try to figure out my own method. and that’s the thing: since revealing (sort of) twitter rocket, ashley morgan has polarized his followers. they’re either in the “yay twitter rocket yay” camp, or they’re in the “you self-centered hypocrite — you’re selling the same crap that you just revealed as a scam” camp. and i’m smack in the middle, swinging from one pole to the other.

that’s why i’m revealing my process. and that’s why, if my process results in enough sales (through my two, count them, two affiliate links on my blog — twitter rocket and 1and1 hosting), then i will check out twitter rocket myself and see how it works. and maybe i’ll become one of the people shouting to the masses what a wonderful tool it is. or maybe i’ll just be a tool for having spent money on something i could have figured out on my own.

(p.s. you can help “sponsor” the project by buying something, you know.  just click on the link and sign up for one of those two things.  i wouldn’t put them there if i didn’t think they were worthwhile.)