new topic: cheese. discuss.

erin thinks i should write about my cheese exploits.  because it’s at least as exciting as anything else i ever write about.

…she probably has a point.


today i discovered cowgirl creamery.  they’re based in petaluma, ca and we got some MT TAM in (named after mount tamalpais).  not only is it a good triple cream brie, the produce guy came over and dropped off some honeydew melon chunks for the sushi guys who share our little production area with us, and i discovered that it also pairs awesomely with that.  a perfect combination of sweet and bitter.  i was making everyone within 5 feet taste it.  

i took this cheese specialist test my dad sent me a while back from his work.  there was a question in there about pink and red mold on cheese and pretty much all i really knew — having had no real training before moving into the cheese department — is that it’s bad.  well, it’s bad because it’s a sign of bacteria which is icky and can make you sick.  and it’s good i knew that because the other day i ended up having to toss out about $80 worth of gorgonzola that had pink splotches.  and then today, i pulled some more out from the back to replace it, unwrapped it and…eek, more pink spots.  i cut a chunk into it a bit to make sure and, yeah, bad cheese.  so that’s a total of about $250 that i had to toss in the trash in two days.  kind of depressing.

i also cut some salemville amish blue — which at 7.99/lb is the ghetto blue — and some maytag blue, but at that point i wasn’t really interested in tasting because of all the MT TAM i had earlier.

in other news, i met the amano chocolate guys a while ago and they make some awesome single-origin dark chocolate.  they recently perfected their fourth bar, which is super top secret, and i’m anxiously awaiting my samples!

does this mean is turning into a food blog??? 

another site redesign is in the works, by the way.