The Next Day enters the UK album charts at #1

You know, I realize there’s a story behind the album cover for David Bowie’s new record, and it’s all introspective and about how you can never really live up to stuff you’ve done in the past, but every time I look at it, all I see is someone slapping a big white box on top of the “Heroes” cover and calling it done. I don’t care how introspective it is, I don’t care how much thought went into this cover. It’s shit.

teh (anti)xmas s3quence

even scrooges occasionally listen to christmas music.  it’s just that our taste in christmas music is occasionally a bit twisted.  every year i make a playlist for the holidays.  here’s the latest incarnation with some of the staples that hang around year after year. 01 john lennon, happy christmas (war is over) 02 the pretenders,… Continue reading teh (anti)xmas s3quence

Free WordPress Plugin: Hello Ziggy

so, you use WordPress.  and maybe you’ve turned on Hello Dolly.  but if you’re me (chances are, you’re not me, but we’ll pretend for the sake of argument that you’re enough like me to continue reading this statement and past this ridiculous parenthetical tangent), you don’t have Hello Dolly turned on because it’s obnoxious.  (no offense to… Continue reading Free WordPress Plugin: Hello Ziggy

Hello Ziggy: WordPress “Hello Dolly” Replacement

hello ziggy is a branch of matt mullenweg‘s original hello dolly plugin that comes as part of every wordpress installation.  i like the idea of “Hello Dolly”, but i didn’t really want the song, so i changed the lyrics to another song that summed up the “hope and enthusiasm of a generation” — except, not… Continue reading Hello Ziggy: WordPress “Hello Dolly” Replacement