• I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Pantheon Systems.
    • As part of the CMS Performance team, I helped to push our WordPress (Composer Managed) upstream to early access and hope to make it generally available before the end of the year.
    • I’ve built and worked on a bunch of different GitHub Actions to automate various open source things, both in a WP and non-WP context.
  • I still maintain a lot of open source projects that scratch my own itches but most of them I haven’t touched recently.


  • I’ve had to pause the D&D game I’ve been running for my kids and their friends for over three years because one of our players went away to college. We pick it up over breaks.
  • I’ve blogged about using AI to help build homebrew D&D content.
  • I have published homebrew D&D content on DMsGuild.
  • I also have a bunch of homebrew stuff (some of which was assisted by AI) on Homebrewery.


  • I started writing a novel in November. I’ve written a couple of posts about that process.
  • I’ve been doing this podcast thing roughly every week for the last 7(?) years with two of my buds and fellow WebDevStudios alumni. You can find it (“binary jazz”) on most streaming/podcast platforms.
  • I have some DJ sets I’ve uploaded to Mixcloud.
  • I’ve spoken at conferences, but not since the “before times”, most recently: