• I’m a Software Engineer at Pantheon Systems.
    • As part of the CMS Ecosystems team, I’ve been working on things like a standardized Composer upstream for WordPress and personalization.
  • I still maintain a lot of open source projects that scratch my own itches. The things I’ve touched most recently are
    • jz-222 – A block-based child theme for Twenty Twenty-Two.
    • – A tool that helps you create a page with all your links on it.
    • Dashboard Changelog – A WordPress plugin to display a changelog on the WordPress dashboard if you use GitHub and releases for your site’s code.



  • I just created an Articles page with all of the articles and blog posts I’ve written for other people.
  • I’ve been doing this podcast thing roughly every week for the last 4 years with two of my buds and fellow WebDevStudios alumni. You can find it (“binary jazz”) on most streaming/podcast platforms.
  • I’ve been getting back into DJ’ing and I have a bunch of sets I’ve uploaded to Mixcloud.
  • I’m trying to maintain a regular meditation practice.
  • I’ve spoken at conferences, but not since the “before times”, most recently: