• I’m a Senior Engineer at Human Made.
    • As a result, I’ve traveled to Italy and Sri Lanka for company retreats, and St. Louis and Nashville for team meetups and WordCamp US.
  • I’m trying to improve my JavaScript and CSS skills and am hoping to dig deeper into React.
  • I still maintain a lot of open source projects that scratch my own itches. The things I’ve touched most recently are
    • Question Game – A framework for creating simple, customized conversation starter or dare games. Written in bare PHP.
    • D&D Battle Tracker – A very simple encounter tracker for D&D that was practice in writing something entirely in vanilla JavaScript.
    • Recipe Box – WordPress plugin to manage a recipe collection. In use on my recipe site.



  • I’ve been doing this podcast thing roughly every week for the last 2 years with two of my buds and fellow WebDev Studios alumni. You can find it (“binary jazz”) on most streaming/podcast platforms.
  • I participated in the 2020 RPM Challenge and recorded an album worth of music, but I haven’t gotten around to putting it anywhere yet.
  • I’ve started practicing yoga but I still feel like I suck at it.
  • In the last year I’ve spoken at a few conferences:OpenWest, on Gutenberg
  • WordCamp Long Beach, on Gutenberg (video)
  • WordCamp Salt Lake City, on Outcome Driven Development Planning