The Loafmen

crissy corwin as loafman chris
tess tanen as loafman tess
peter ryan as peter, the loaf of man
chris reynolds as raven lufman
rob chaitin as loafman rob

the loafmen were 2 parts performance art and one part experimental rock band.  all our music was improvisational.  we made it a rule never to talk about the music before playing (a rule that was, on occasion, broken to various degrees).  we each had a primary instrument which we would often proceed to ignore for the duration of the rehearsal.  part of our philosophy was that if you could make sound, you were a loafman.  therefore, our adage was “anyone can be a loafman who isn’t dead and not able to fall down.”

the lineup was (roughly) as follows:

loafman chris – drums & percussion
loafman tess – synthesizers, guitar, & piano
peter, the loaf of man – piano and spoken word
raven lufman – bass
loafman rob – tenor saxophone

we had a handful of rehearsals and two live performances — one for an experimental music class that 4 of the 5 of us were in, during which we answered questions about the band and the music — and recorded everything.  there are four official loafmen albums and one live album, all of which are presented here in their loafy glory:

i hate…things
shannon drake knight of fire
hi mom!
music sucks


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