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music, WordPress, and other assorted geekery


I am a WordPress developer for WebDevStudios. I’ve been building things with WordPress since around 2007 — long enough to remember 4 major WordPress admin redesigns. Before that, I played with various other open source platforms and the first incarnation of my blog was written entirely in HTML. Originally a designer, I graduated from the University of Redlands, Johnston Center, leaving with a self-made degree titled Creative Arts in the Digital Revolution, which combined my loves for music, visual art, film and writing using computers as a medium for all of them.

As a freelance designer and developer, I’ve built WordPress-powered sites for criminal lawyers, schools, independent musicians and tabletop game designers. These days, nothing makes my happier than finding new ways to do cool stuff with WordPress. I am an author for the online developer training provider, Pluralsight, and has been involved with WordCamp Salt Lake City in some form or another since 2011.

If I’m not sitting in front of the computer, I might be found playing Magic: the Gathering, camping in southern Utah or cheering for Real Salt Lake.

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