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[jaz] noun
1. music originating in New Orleans around the beginning of the 20th century and subsequently developing through various increasingly complex styles, generally marked by intricate, propulsive rhythms, polyphonic ensemble playing, improvisatory, virtuosic solos, melodic freedom, and a harmonic idiom ranging from simple diatonicism through chromaticism to atonality.
2. Slang. liveliness; spirit; excitement.
3. Slang. similar or related but unspecified things, activities, etc.: He goes for fishing and all that jazz.

4. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of jazz.


[see-kwuhns] noun
1. a continuous or connected series: a sonnet sequence.
2. something that follows; a subsequent event; result; consequence.
3. Music. a melodic or harmonic pattern repeated three or more times at different pitches with or without modulation.
4. Movies. a series of related scenes or shots, as those taking place in one locale or at one time, that make up one episode of the film narrative.
5. Mathematics. a set whose elements have an order similar to that of the positive integers; a map from the positive integers to a given set.

I’m a 34 yr. old geek, happily married with one son, Gavin, and one daughter, Lilah. With my wife, Erin, I started Arcane Palette Creative Design — a web design studio hell-bent on spreading awesome, artistic design to the masses.  We also make GPL-licensed commercial WordPress themes at Museum Themes.  I currently work as a Project Manager, support monkey and occasional developer for a premium event management and registration plugin, Event Espresso.

I get my rocks off from music, technology, hacking WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Netflix, and doing other fairly stereotypical geek things. I’m a (mostly) gluten-free vegetarian with increasingly vegan tendencies and occasionally a foodie.  I also have a tumblog where I post a bunch of random crap I come across.

My birthday (if you wanted to buy me stuff) is November 8th.

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