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Cyber Monday Sale!!

We’ve got two Cyber Monday specials for you today.  Hurry and take advantage of them now, both of these expire at midnight (MST) tonight. $10 any Museum Theme All our premium WordPress themes are $10 off. You should see the coupon “Cyber Monday Sale” appear in your cart when you check out. This applies to… (read more)

The Signal, jazzsequence’s new project for 2012, gets featured on Percussa’s blog

jazzsequence‘s latest project (and Kickstarter project), The Signal, got a shout today on Percussa’s blog and email newsletter. The post talks about the project concept, Kickstarter, and the goal of the Kickstarter project. Head over the…

Create a site down notifier using iftt, Yahoo Pipes and

This is a bit off the usual WordPress topic, but I discovered a handy tool to get automatic notifications sent to your email (or IM, or Twitter or whatever you want) if your site is down or broken.  This can be particularly helpful if you are a designer or webmaster or if you just maintain… (read more)


I was checking out some video links that Celine from Percussa sent me and am really interested in Mark Mosher’s 9box method.  You can read about it here, but it’s much more interesting to just watch the video (and then go back and read about it)…

The Signal: the new album and Kickstarter project from jazzsequence

I’ve started a Kickstarter project to fund the next jazzsequence album, called The Signal. Where Wasp was a soundtrack to a book, The Signal will be a soundtrack to a phenomenon. If funded, the album will make use of AudioCubes, by Percussa. AudioCubes are a little hard to describe, so we’ll let electronic artist Mark… (read more)