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I was checking out some video links that Celine from Percussa sent me and am really interested in Mark Mosher’s 9box method.  You can read about it here, but it’s much more interesting to just watch the video (and then go back and read about it)…

The Signal: the new album and Kickstarter project from jazzsequence

I’ve started a Kickstarter project to fund the next jazzsequence album, called The Signal. Where Wasp was a soundtrack to a book, The Signal will be a soundtrack to a phenomenon. If funded, the album will make use of AudioCubes, by Percussa. AudioCubes are a little hard to describe, so we’ll let electronic artist Mark… (read more)

The Signal: my next album and my first Kickstarter project

So, I recently became aware of these when @percussa started following me on Twitter: They’re called AudioCubes. And I want one. Actually, I want four. The concept I’ve been toying with for my next album was already going to be sort of an abstract sound collage-type thing, trying to represent and tell a story about… (read more)

The problem with Google+

There’s a dilemma inherent in using any new social network in a market already saturated with social networks.  Unless all existing social networks are integrated into some massive conglomerate, there is no way to effectively replace one with another one.  For example, much as I hate Facebook, I still go there.  Why?  Because I have… (read more)

WASPREMIX is now available everywhere

WASPREMIX is now available to download and purchase on Zune, Amazon, iTunes and BandCamp. Stream it from Spotify, BandCamp or this site to preview the album before you buy it. If you are a music reviewer, get in touch and we’ll send you a promo…