The show must go on

Thanks everyone for supporting this project.  Even though we didn’t get to our funding goal, the project is still going to happen.  Here’s how you can help keep The Signal going:

Click here to donate to the project now.  I will be honoring the same backer rewards as the Kickstarter project but everyone who donates will get a copy of WASPREMIX as well (otherwise available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Zune & Bandcamp).

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get video updates about the progress of the album.  The plan is still to get at least one Audiocube, so presumably you will be able to see creative uses of the cube when used solo.

Thanks again, and for all you musicians — I’ll see you in February for RPM 2012.

The Signal on the UVB-76 livestream blog

A bit belated, but I went to the UVB-76 livestream blog to do some research, and what did I find?  Me!  (Well, this project, anyway…)  The post is from November, not long after the project was started and I was a little bit surprised that I hadn’t stumbled on it until now.  Nevertheless, here it is:

jazzsequence – The Signal, a Pledge

Remember, you have until Sunday night to get your friends and family to pledge to help make this project successful.  I’m still holding out hope I’ll get some angel investor to pledge $1k+ so we can maybe do a vinyl pressing :)

Rally ’round the #audiocubes…

We’re a fifth of the way to our goal with 4 days left.  Now’s the time to rally & get as many people as you can talking about the project.  I thank each and every one of you who has backed the project or has shared it on Twitter or Facebook or told your friends about it.  Let’s kick it into high Kickstarter gear and finish out the project funding, shall we?

Thanks for your support.  You’re awesome.

Post a Week 2011: Blogging year in review

This year, I participated in’s Post a Week Challenge.  Well, how’d I do?

I was using Joost de Valk‘s Blog Metrics plugin, but that only tells you how you’re doing overall and how you’ve done in the last 30 days and, while I could have logged how many posts there were on January 1 and compared it against how many there were on December 31, I, uh, didn’t.  So, instead, I forked his plugin and modified it to use a ‘year’ query instead of a ‘month’ query.  It seems to have done the trick, although the results are a bit inconsistent…

According to Blog Metrics, I’ve published 200 posts this year.  This is across all blogs/sites (not including the super-secret blog I started over the summer) and also includes 3 posts by my wife on our kidsblog.  When I went through the posts and manually added them up, I got 196, so, we’ll say that I published 193 posts over the last year and assume that maybe the Blog Metrics plugin is including posts in the trash or something like that.

77 of those posts came from this blog (which covers the 52 I would have needed to create to “pass” the Post a Week challenge), and 62 came from my Tumblr blog (which aren’t really posts, so we could, feasibly subtract those from the total, but, according to the rules of the Post a Week challenge, photo blogs/posts still count, so we’ll include that stuff).

This is still quite a bit higher than I expected.  Let’s look at what I wrote about in the last year. I:

…and that’s not including stuff that I was writing about on my WordPress theme development site, web design studio site, or netlabel site.  So, I guess that does count for quite a bit.

Next year, I plan on not being subscribed to the Post a Day updates, and doing much of the same sorts of stuff I did this year.  For anyone who stuck with this blog this year, despite it’s complete lack of focus in any one particular area, thanks for hanging around, see you next year.