ubuntu-fied weekend

so, jazzs3quence, how did you spend your weekend?

much of it was spent restoring the data from the backup to the server. it seems the reason why it restored so quickly the first time was because it didn’t, actually. when stuff was missing, i noticed a lot of input/output errors trying to access my mounted samba share, so i switched to using rsync, which may not fix the samba mount suddenly dropping (although it did seem more stable than just cp’ing files), but it continues partial files, too. so, with the help of a remount script i wrote, i was able to copy everything over more or less successfully.

i played a bit with the mailserver after and during that, but mostly hit a brick wall. last time i got the outgoing ultimately to work, and incoming was broken and this time it seemed the other way around. i need to devote more time to reconfigging postfix, again. i tried exim, but i couldn’t find any good documentation on how to make it work with a mail transfer agent and exim’s site is all “if you don’t know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be running a mailserver, p.s. that means we won’t give you any easy-to-understand documetation” so it’s back to postfix even tho exim is supposed to be easier to config.

the rest of the weekend was spent trying to get a broadcom airforce one (bcm4318) wifi card to work in ubuntu on my sister-in- law’s laptop i was putting ubuntu on. however, it seems the generic ubuntu linux headers don’t work (for some reason) with that card, and even after recompiling the kernel under edgy and feisty, it still wouldn’t work, although it at least was recognized at that point. so i’m going to try to install gentoo on there, because in theory they’ve had support for that card for a couple years — we’ll see about that. otherwise, i guess i’m putting windows back on :'(

so, once again, i wasn’t much fun this weekend. i suck. :/
oh, and my friend’s server had a major fubar (he has his site hosted on a provider) and they lost the last week’s worth of data, including some research stuff for him and all the planning stuff for a potential top-secret ARG (that i wasn’t going to talk about here for fear of drawing a direct and obvious link to it once it’s running) that me and another friend were working on.  and apparently what he’s left with is the most recent backup they could get.







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