rpm 09

so, it’s another year, and there’s another rpm challenge.  this is that nanowrimo-like competition for musicians to create a cd in the 28 days of february, front to back (so, including cover art), and is always the time of year when i say “maybe this year i’ll get something done,” and never finish.  the rules are flexible — they say you can use it as a time to revisit past projects, so i figure eventually i’ll have a complete album.

but no, i’m serious this time —  this time i make it work.  my last effort was foiled by my decision to do everything in linux, which is a noble pursuit, but i spent too much time noodling to get familiar with the tools.  this year my only goal is to finish.  and with that said, here’s this:

oh, and btw, the jazzsequence community network works again.