capitol reef and lilah’s birthday

we took a camping trip to southern utah’s capitol reef last weekend.  i posted some pics to flickr and on my blog, but here’s the kids highlights.  it was great fun, and the campsite had a couple fruit orchards that the kids, especially gavin, loved.  also, the orchards were great for attracting a family of deer who would wander through the campground to the orchard and have breakfast on the fallen apples.  unfortunately, no deer shots here.

then there was lilah’s birthday when we got back…

lilah models her new birthday dress

gavin, of course, wants to pose, too

lilah (and gavin) had a great time with her new tea set from g-ma & g-pa reynolds.

later, lilah presided over the opening of her presents.  she allowed gavin to help, and even rewarded him by giving him a ride her her new baby doll’s stroller.

but then she reclaimed it for her baby doll.

what’s this for, mama?

lilah tests the juice to make sure it’s acceptable for her baby girl.