a pirate and a bumblebee

last year on halloween, we got a monkey suit for gavin because he was really into monkeys.  but he wasn’t into the suit so much.  (at least, not on halloween.  later, he was more than happy to run around as a monkey.)  i wanted to get a gorilla suit to encourage him to jump in the monkey suit, but you’d be surprised how difficult it can be to find a gorilla suit (at least, when going to halloween stores in real life — this year i found plenty online).

gavin really likes pirates and pirate ships, so we decided to get a pirate costume for him this year.  and we got a bumblebee costume for lilah because they were so cute.  i decided that i could help encourage gavin to want to wear his pirate costume if i was a pirate, too (and that had absolutely nothing to do at all with wanting to dress up like a pirate myself.  nope.  not at all.)

here’s some of our dress-up adventures:

gavin tests out the bumblebee suit

once pirated, encouraging "arrr"'s are performed to get him in a piratey mood. instead, he has a look of "dad, what are you doing?"

but after further demonstrations, he starts to get the hang of it

lilah shows off her stinger

like pirate…

…like son

gavin shows off the broom he and mommy made at Red Butte Garden's Garden After Dark

…and starts practicing for the quidditch team

the day is topped off with the first annual pumpkin rolling contest