Free Wallpaper: lil somethin

lilsomething1024x768 300x225 Free Wallpaper: lil somethinThis background combines two things I love: watercolor and paisley blooms spread across a subtly textured paper as if to signal the arrival of Spring in all her glory, daffodils, tulips, songbirds and sunshine spreading from her fingers.  I wanted to use watercolor because it is so fun to look at, with bright colors and whole ranges of different fascinating textures.  It especially feels right to me in the spring and summer months, with it’s carefree and vivid airiness.  Paisley designs celebrate spring and growth too.  Paisley began in India and Persia and is a representation of a mango fruit, a decadent growing treat that is much anticipated.  It’s a design that is always recognizeable but can be altered and adorned in infinite different ways, but is always intriguing with details and curves.  This background is my ode to spring.  Please come and brush the cobwebs from the sky with me!

lil somethin is available with and without calendar, in all the standard resolutions, including iPhone.




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