i took a lot of pics on easter.  here are some of our favorites…

2010-04-04_easter_003 copy
hunting for eggs
2010-04-04_easter_010 copy
a reprieve to reap the spoils
2010-04-04_easter_014 copy
2010-04-04_easter_017 copy
found one!
another egg!
2010-04-04_easter_022 copy
2010-04-04_easter_023 copy
gavin's laying eggs?
2010-04-04_easter_046 copy
next we moved on to dying real eggs
2010-04-04_easter_055 copy
2010-04-04_easter_056 copy
lilah discovers her fingers are better than any tools for egg dying
2010-04-04_easter_063 copy
2010-04-04_easter_067 copy
2010-04-04_easter_068 copy
oh no! my fingers!
2010-04-04_easter_073 copy
2010-04-04_easter_079 copy
2010-04-04_easter_082 copy
blue hands, part one
2010-04-04_easter_090 copy
2010-04-04_easter_092 copy
2010-04-04_easter_093 copy
2010-04-04_easter_098 copy
2010-04-04_easter_099 copy
2010-04-04_easter_100 copy
2010-04-04_easter_101 copy
2010-04-04_easter_123 copy
blue hands, reprise
2010-04-04_easter_128 copy
2010-04-04_easter_132 copy