gavin turns 5

i haven’t been doing the best job of posting pics up here, i know.  i realize this as the most recent pics are from g’s graduation, now almost 3 months gone.  that said, i have been keeping things updated on flickr, so you can check out the latest pics (sans witticisms) there (presuming you are my “friend”, which you have to be to see pics of us or the kids.  sorry, stalker prevention measures.)  recent sets over there include:

to see these pics on flickr, head over to my flickr page and then click on “add jazzs3quence as a contact” under the “jazzs3quence’s photostream” heading (farthest on the right).

good.  now that’s out of the way.

can you believe it’s been 5 years?

it’s so dumbfounding i literally can’t think of anything else to say.  since pictures are supposed to speak a thousand words, here’s a couple thousand to speak in my stead.

The day starts off at Liberty Park, where Gavin's first stop is the airplane ride he's been asking about since Pioneer Day (July 24th)...
The next stop is the car ride.  His obvious vehicle of choice is the Batmobile.
Lilah and Mama joined the next ride on the carousel
...then Gavin and Mama went on the ferris wheel.
Lilah is very excited, because she joins her birthday brother on the...
...airplane ride...
Later we head to Grandma & Grandpa's...
...where much frisbee-throwing is had...
A proud Mama
Lilah contents herself splashing in the water
When Aunt Meara shows up it's time to don the party hats
...admire the balloons (including one shaped like a Tyrannosaurus Rex!)...
...and eat guacamole chips...
...but what Gavin's been dying to do all day is open his presents!
Later we go inside to blow out candles...
...and eat birthday cookies!

Happy 5th birthday, Gavin!

(note: these images have been digitally altered for prettiness.  to see the unaltered versions, and more pics, go to the flickr photoset.)