Gangsta Lorem Ipsum dummy text generator

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum dummy text generator:

For designers, linguists, and general nerds who have a hankering for some gangsta gangsta in your hizzle…

This thing is pretty effing brilliant.  An example:

Lorizzle i’m in the shizzle dolizzle sit amet, shiz adipiscing elizzle. Nullam sapizzle velit, things volutpizzle, suscipit quizzle, you son of a bizzle vizzle, black. Pellentesque dang tortizzle. Get down get down fizzle. Check it out i saw beyonces tizzles and my pizzle went crizzle dolor dapibus turpizzle tempizzle uhuh … yih!. Mauris dawg stuff et turpizzle. Pimpin’ in tortizzle. Pellentesque my shizz rhoncizzle nisi. In hizzle yo shiznit dictumst. Dizzle dapibizzle. Curabitur tellizzle brizzle, pretizzle eu, own yo’ we gonna chung, dizzle vitae, sure. Own yo’ pimpin’. Integizzle sempizzle boofron sizzle purizzle.