IE 6 Countdown

upgrade IE 6 Countdown

Interestingly enough, Microsoft has publicly jumped onto the “let’s kill IE6 for good” bandwagon.  As Joseph Scott aptly pointed out, “If Microsoft can’t convince people to stop using IE 6, no one can.”

We decided to go one step further and make our WordPress friends’ lives easier by creating a plugin that integrates the code which displays the official Microsoft banner.  The benefit of this, besides having an integrated banner that targets users of old versions of IE and displays the warning above, is that presumably you could then email Microsoft and add your logo to their Join Our Cause page.  Which might be pretty cool.

So, here’s the plugin, and it’s pretty easy to use.  All you need to do is add the following code somewhere to your theme, ideally somewhere in your header.php (I recommend before the last </div>. The banner from Microsoft is 820px wide, so the theory is that throwing it into your header shouldn’t break anything since that’s most likely to be the widest part of your theme.  However, your mileage may vary.

		// put this in your header, or wherever
		<?php do_action('apie6countdown'); ?>