Cyber Monday Sale!!

We’ve got two Cyber Monday specials for you today.  Hurry and take advantage of them now, both of these expire at midnight (MST) tonight.

$10 any Museum Theme

All our premium WordPress themes are $10 off. You should see the coupon “Cyber Monday Sale” appear in your cart when you check out. This applies to all theme purchases. So if you buy two themes, you get $20 off, 3 themes = $30 off.

Buy 3 Blogger templates for the price of 1

Add any 3 premium Blogger templates to your cart and you’ll see the “Cyber Monday Blogger Special” coupon appear, cancelling out the cost of 2 Blogger templates ($10).

The two discounts cannot be applied on the same order, so if you want to take advantage of both, you’ll need to make a separate purchase.  Hurry and grab these now before the special ends!