Cyber Monday Sale!!

We’ve got two Cyber Monday specials for you today.  Hurry and take advantage of them now, both of these expire at midnight (MST) tonight.

$10 any Museum Theme

All our premium WordPress themes are $10 off. You should see the coupon “Cyber Monday Sale” appear in your cart when you check out. This applies to all theme purchases. So if you buy two themes, you get $20 off, 3 themes = $30 off.

Buy 3 Blogger templates for the price of 1

Add any 3 premium Blogger templates to your cart and you’ll see the “Cyber Monday Blogger Special” coupon appear, cancelling out the cost of 2 Blogger templates ($10).

The two discounts cannot be applied on the same order, so if you want to take advantage of both, you’ll need to make a separate purchase.  Hurry and grab these now before the special ends!

Love is all you need

This quilting inspired Blogger template is full of sweet and heart  just in time for Valentines Day (and any other day you want a little pink on your blog).  It incorporates fabric textures and stitching along with pretty and colorful patterns to celebrate V-day. Dress up your blog in this sweet and inviting expression of the most important thing in the world: love.

The 2011 updated version uses Cufón for cross-browser compatible custom fonts for your Blogger site.

Download Love is all you need

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