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  • RPM 2017 recap

    RPM 2017 recap

    Another RPM is in the books and I thought I’d share some feelings about it. This year I feel like I got in on a technicality. The album that I started at the beginning of the month isn’t done, and 2 of the songs on the CD I mailed to New Hampshire were from the…

  • Finish line @rpmchallenge

    Finish line @rpmchallenge

  • Last minute change of RPM plans

    In true RPM fashion, I’ve changed my mind re: plans for RPM album. It’s not going to be all about Trump. While the thought process going into it is more personal/intimate, what I can say is why I’ve decided to switch gears. In talking with e about the project — because she’s started painting and I…

  • RPM 2017

    I’m in it. I’ve committed to doing RPM again this year. It’s been a couple years since I’ve done RPM which basically means it’s been a couple years since I’ve done any music at all and I can’t handle it, anymore. I need to do something. I hadn’t decided what I was going to do for this…

  • Move over RPM

    A few days ago, my friend Colin (aka Slighter) sent me this link: It’s a challenge. Like the RPM challenge referenced in the title, Weekly Beats challenges musicians to make music. But unlike RPM, it’s challenging you to do it all year round. I love RPM. I’m still incredibly proud of my 2011 entry, Wasp,…

  • That RPM thing…

    I wasn’t planning on doing it, but, in checking the RPM forums, there were some folks interested in doing Blind Chaos again this year, so I decided I’d do that and be open to possible collaboration projects if anyone was interested (which it looks like I’ll be doing). This gives me a bit of a…

  • Mailing my @rpmchallenge album(s) for

    Mailing my @rpmchallenge album(s) for

  • The end of RPM

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  • [RPM2011] Reflections on my 3rd completed RPM album

    You can listen to my completed album at:… or the Blind Chaos track at:… Go to (after 3/1/2011) to download the album in high quality format(s) with full liner notes & artwork

  • [RPM2011] Seeing how the other half lives

    What I learned about making music for the RPM Challenge this week.