last day of kindergarten

All four of us got to be at school today for Gavin’s last day of Kindergarten.  Lilah was so excited to go that she had to wear her backpack!  Gavin gave her a big hug and told her, “I’m so glad you’re coming to school with me.”  I was a bit sad that our time […]


We got a new bug “house” a few days ago.  It’s a clear plastic box with a lid shaped like a roof that lets air in.  It has a handle for easy transport of newly made insect friends.  Both Gavin and Lilah were very excited and immediately wanted to catch something in the new bug […]

Five plus three

    Gavin is weeks away from the end of Kindergarten!  He has made incredible progress this year, keeping up with his class and gaining his voice.  He is reading!  Before this year I wondered how far away reading was for him, and one day in winter I realized he was already there.    The […]

little bits

Gavin starts school next week!!  He is so excited!  We got to meet his very nice teacher and see his classroom and we got to take a trip to find him a backpack.  Wow!  I know he is going to love it!  He’s got quite a good start on ABC’s and 123’s already but he […]

in California

There was Gavin’s birthday, there was lots of fun with family, there was the kids’ first camping overnight (aside from sleeping in Gma and Gpa McC’s backyard once), there was fun at the beach, a trip to the Exploratorium.  Most of it is undocumented, except in our memories, but we did capture a few moments […]