obama isn’t going for the low blow

after news of gov. palin’s teen daughter’s pregnancy broke, i thought to myself (and to erin), i hope obama doesn’t use this. it’s typical to go for the groin shot in politics, use an advantage like a teenage pregnancy in the family (or a wife’s alchoholism, or whatever) to drag your opponent’s name in the… Continue reading obama isn’t going for the low blow

CamPAIN 2008 — the future vs. the past

watched obama’s speech yesterday.  here it is, if you haven’t seen it yet: watching this not only makes me an obsessed obama groupie (he does seem to have that effect), and go out and buy some obama stuff on his website, but also makes me realize that this election is huge.  it’s not even about… Continue reading CamPAIN 2008 — the future vs. the past

it’s official / camPAIN 2008

it’s official. if you haven’t been checking my calendar (and really, who does?) after thanksgiving i will no longer be a supervalu employee. the concept scares the shit out of me. after 2 years of being a salaried employee making middle class wages with decent enough benefits, it feels like i’m jumping out into ice-cold,… Continue reading it’s official / camPAIN 2008

select your candidate

erin, being my source of all real news, has shared this with me: http://www.wqad.com/Global/link.asp?L=259460 it’s a quiz on your views on the major hot topics and matches your answers with the republican/democratic presidential candidates who match best with your views.  kind of good for someone like me who hasn’t paid attention to such things.  apparently… Continue reading select your candidate