Category: ministry of pets

  • Goodbye


    We had to say goodbye to a friend yesterday. One who’s been with us for 18 years. She suffered from anxiety — eating large chunks of our blankets as a nervous coping mechanism— and later, an eating disorder — overeating as a way to deal with stress — and came out the other side as…

  • MOOSE!!!

    d00d. we just saw a m’f’ing MOOSE in the park that is one block away from us. that might not be much when you live in the middle of nowhere, but this is downtown salt lake city (okay, not quite downtown, but close). that moose-shaped object in the picture is, in fact, a moose.

  • Puppy!!!

      i got off work last night and we drove from PC to Henefer which is another 30-45 minutes north of Park City to pick up our new pug puppy that i’ve been twittering about.  he’s a 9 week old fawn pug and so far loves chasing the cats and playing with us and the…

  • cat-shaped hole

    so, erin and i went to see my parents over the weekend and came back here on tuesday. when we came back, we found frida, one of our 3 cats, was very sick. we talked to meara, erin’s sister who’d been feeding them, and she said that frida hadn’t eaten in what would be 3…