add social links to your site

i spent this morning building and adding some social linking to our site. with all the digging and twittering and facebooking going on, if you have content worth sharing and you aren’t providing ways for people to share it, it’s fairly likely that people won’t. now, i have digg, facebook, and delicious bookmarklets in my google chrome bookmark bar, but i realize that i’m a geek and probably most people don’t do this. and anyway, it’s always nicer when those things are built directly into the page.

so i thought that i would share with you how to add social linking to your website or blog. please note that some of the code here will be wordpress-specific — which is great for wordpress users, but won’t be so helpful for those of you who don’t use wordpress. i will point out the areas where the code is wordpress only — there are plenty of resources out there for alternatives for your platform of choice.

anti spam an email address

class=”aligncenter” so, on the web, it’s pretty much accepted that whatever you put out there can and will be used by someone somewhere, sometimes exploitively.  one way this can cause frustration and headaches is putting your email address on your site.  now, some people (including myself) have started doing this myemail @ mydomain . com… Continue reading anti spam an email address

Hello Ziggy: WordPress “Hello Dolly” Replacement

hello ziggy is a branch of matt mullenweg‘s original hello dolly plugin that comes as part of every wordpress installation.  i like the idea of “Hello Dolly”, but i didn’t really want the song, so i changed the lyrics to another song that summed up the “hope and enthusiasm of a generation” — except, not… Continue reading Hello Ziggy: WordPress “Hello Dolly” Replacement

Looking for a Green Dedicated Server

class=”aligncenter” hey folks.  i’m in the market for a dedicated server.  in order to provide our customres with an unparalleled level of support, i want to be sure that we can also offer hosting solutions in addition to our web design services.  currently this site, as well as the sites are hosted on a server… Continue reading Looking for a Green Dedicated Server

Welcome to the world of freelancing . . .

class=”aligncenter” Welcome to the world of freelancing:  one week we’re struggling, with no projects on the horizon.  Reality chose that week for my monitor of 8 years to finally die, and I’ve been using the MacBook for designing since (which isn’t ideal since the color isn’t as good and changes depending on what angle the… Continue reading Welcome to the world of freelancing . . .

ThinkTank gets a mention for Elgg development

class=”aligncenter” I built a mod for Elgg to put rss feeds into the spotlight in Elgg, rathar than the default Elgg stuff.  I posted it to the usergroups and, hey, we got a shout out.  It’s not much, but it’s still nice to see our name on someone’s blog other than my own.  :)

New ThinkTank Studio beta site launched!

class=”aligncenter” Hi.  You’re looking at the brand-spanking-new ThinkTank Studio website.  We’re still working on adding in a Theme Switcher to allow you to change the look of the site, but we decided it was time to launch the site anyway.  This is one of our favorite themes that we’ve built for the site anyway, designed… Continue reading New ThinkTank Studio beta site launched!