Translucent — 20th Anniversary Special Edition

description: remake Translucent (my student film) from the original tapes with new soundtrack, post-production, etc. make it spiff. and have it done by may 2011 2021.

status: pending

materials needed: this should work

bonus features: these guys to transfer my 8mm films to digital?
or maybe these guys

soundtrack: i have a full cd from peaches, ghosts i-iv is under a creative commons license and was intended for soundtrack music for something.   also, nin’s new album the slip is also under a cc license, so i might use some of that, and there’s multitracks of that floating around if i needed to tweak the music to make it longer/slower/no vocals, etc.  and there’s a couple things i wrote for the movie and/or around that time that i can use.


update 6/22/08

dug out my old 8mm movies.  decided on the second film to digital transfer service because they have a “premium” encoding option that intelligently inserts frames into the video (the 8mm film shows at 18fps but video is 30fps, so they need to insert stuff and the  method by which the service does it will determine the quality).  the first option is great, but they’re really good for 16mm, and don’t have the super-high-tech option available for 8mm and otherwise the smart transfer cost is about the same.

Estimated cost for bonus feature content: $56.00 (+shipping)


update 8/3/2010

As it occurred to me that this project would be maturing this coming Spring, e gave me an idea to delay it so that Gavin can help work on it when he’s a little bit older.  I really like this idea (as well as the idea of having a small team collaborating on the project rather than doing it all myself) and it would give me an opportunity to share with Gavin (and Lilah if she’s interested) something that I made that was (and is) important to me while teaching him/them about the different elements of filmmaking and post-production.  So, while it’s somewhat disappointing to not have a finished product I can share, the alternative product will be a lot more fun and more rewarding to make.


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