I was shocked — SHOCKED, I tell you!!! — to learn today that Skitch (the once-amazing screen-capture and image sharing app that is almost worth ditching Windows for Mac just to be able to use) no longer lets you do timed screenshots. What??? I was so upset, I had to do some digging and learned that you can do this with a built-in Mac app called Grab — which has virtually no GUI whatsoever — or you can do it in Preview. Both of those require me to open an app that I don’t already have open and that’s an extra step. So I created this simple Alfred extension that will do a timed screenshot within Alfred that will save in your /Pictures directory.

Timed Screenshot

This doesn’t solve all of my problems — I still need to open the image, for example, if I want to crop it or add annotations — but for what it does, it gets it done, and doesn’t mean leaving Preview open 24/7 (I hate leaving apps I’m not using open).

I said a long time ago that I would never use another theme framework now that I have Museum Core.  Well, unfortunately for me, WordCamp SLC — particularly the presentations of Jake Spurlock, George Ortiz and Patrick Cox, as well as working on the theme which was based on _s — changed my mind on that.  I now think that the best solution for jumpstarting a new theme project is a combination of Twitter Bootstrap and _s.

But this post isn’t about what makes those two frameworks awesome (you can read about that on their respective sites, or just Google _s and Twitter Bootstrap for awesomesause).  I just wanted to share a quick Alfred extension I made that will setup a WordPress theme based on the _s theme framework that also loads Twitter Bootstrap assets into your theme’s directory.  Note: this doesn’t enqueue any of the styles or javascript.  I may add that later.  For now, this just sets up the directories and pulls the latest versions of each framework from their GitHub repositories.  It will also initialize a Git repo if you want to use Git for version control for your theme.  (Note for the uninitiated: Alfred Extensions require the Powerpack.)

Download the extension