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  • teh s3quence 015 – HALLOWEEN 2011 EDITION

    teh s3quence 015 – HALLOWEEN 2011 EDITION

    Because I like to do things out of order (and also because I totally forgot that I hadn’t posted teh s3quence 014…), I’m giving you teh s3quence 015, the HALLOWEEN EDITION! Usually when I make a Halloween mix, it’s pretty straightforward — pick a bunch of songs that are about zombies, vampires, ghosts or are…

  • teh (anti)xmas s3quence

    teh (anti)xmas s3quence

    even scrooges occasionally listen to christmas music.  it’s just that our taste in christmas music is occasionally a bit twisted.  every year i make a playlist for the holidays.  here’s the latest incarnation with some of the staples that hang around year after year. 01 john lennon, happy christmas (war is over) 02 the pretenders,…