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  • RPM 2017 recap

    RPM 2017 recap

    Another RPM is in the books and I thought I’d share some feelings about it. This year I feel like I got in on a technicality. The album that I started at the beginning of the month isn’t done, and 2 of the songs on the CD I mailed to New Hampshire were from the…

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  • Kids’ room wall art

    We added some new art to the kids’ bedroom…

  • Children’s Drawings Painted Realistically – Featured on BuzzFeed

    Children’s Drawings Painted Realistically – Featured on BuzzFeed

  • Wayfarer (via @coolvibeblog)

    Wayfarer (via @coolvibeblog)

  • Wall-painted animation by Blu

    This is brilliance manifest. BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo. via @10timesone | Back in Blu — Italian artist takes control of your mind, again

  • erin’s sketchbook

    erin’s sketchbook is a minimal WordPress theme we built for ourselves a couple years ago. It’s designed to be a good theme for art or photography, using a black background and minimal design to draw attention to the art or photography. It was based on another theme we did before that, Simple Black which, like… (read…

  • World War II Propaganda (as Art?)

    This is a guest post by Chris Reynolds. If you would like to guest post on 10 Times One please click here. Propaganda is to art as Twitter is to literature; concise, quick, bold, direct.  The message is put across as simply as possible using often using whatever means necessary.  Guilt, fear, threats, idealism, utopianism,… (read…

  • Graffiti Art and Design by DOCS

    Doing Only Crooked Shit is a design duo based in Sao Paolo and Leeds,  UK that does visual art, graffiti, design and illustration.  And they’re pretty  much awesome.  I discovered them via their Times New Yorker free font available on DaFont.  Their illustrations and graffiti art explore typography and pop culture in new and interesting…

  • The art of Jenevieve Hubbard

    We’ve been wanting to talk about art more.  As artists, we’re always interested in new and innovative things that other artists are doing.  Occasionally that applies to websites, but occasionally that applies to, you know, real art — tangible art you can look at and (possibly) touch and smell and experience.  I’m hoping that this…