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  • ChatGPT’s Bing Search and the “Google yourself” trick

    Have you ever wondered what people who don’t know you might find if they looked you up on the internet? Earlier this month, OpenAI added the ability to add a Bing search capability to ChatGPT 4, so I wondered “what can ChatGPT find out about me?” The results led me down a rabbit hole that…

  • Going Google-less – A Week Without Google

    A week ago on my blog, I posted my pledge to go one week without Google.  It was inspired, in part, by the Google/Verizon proposal for the future of high speed and wireless internet that was devised in closed-door meetings, in secret, while the same discussions were being had with the FCC and other major… (read…

  • Bing!

    via YouTube – Ex-Microsoft employee remembers the last sound he heard at Microsoft: Bing!.