Free Holiday Blogger Template: Stars n’ Stripes

It’s almost the Fourth of July.  In addition to barbecues, dry heat, and celebrating our country’s independence from Britain 234 years ago, that means it’s almost time to blow stuff up! Here’s a Blogger template that you can g…

i need to design more steampunk stuff

every week i look at the analytics for google traffic to and every week it’s clear there’s a market that i need to work on that i’m failing to meet: steampunk blog design. there isn’t much out there, and what i personally have found sucks, and because we have this, which has a couple… Continue reading i need to design more steampunk stuff

app review: skimmer

application: skimmer result: undecided with so many great twitter and social networking apps out there, there’s a lot to choose from, and some stiff competition. and with so many social networks and a lot of crossover between them, you’d need to work hard to build something to suit everybody. this is a review for a… Continue reading app review: skimmer