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Grandma’s Hat Box Blogger is inspired by vintage sewing and scrapbooking. It will give your website a unique, lovely look and remind you of cherished moments and treasured memories. Great for a photo blog about your little one’s cutest doings or an elegant journal filled with your own reflections.

The WordPress version supports custom headers, a Theme Options panel, 3 custom menus, widgetized sidebar and footer, sidebar options, a customizable footer, post formats and more!

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Free Desktop Wallpaper: Forecast

Okay I admit it.  I have been reading too many steampunk novels recently because this is what spilled out of my subconcious when I sat down to create a new wallpaper.  Clockwork, ancient tomes filled with long lost technology, a mixture of organic and cybernetic.  What will society look like when we’re all dust?  What will be “new technology” when artifacts like the telephone and the laptop are preserved in ancient history museums, when our civilization is thousands of years gone?

Included in the zip file are wallpapers in widescreen and fullscreen format, as well as iPhone and iPad counterparts.  We’ve also added a Twitter background.  The following resolutions are included:






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The art of Jenevieve Hubbard

We’ve been wanting to talk about art more.  As artists, we’re always interested in new and innovative things that other artists are doing.  Occasionally that applies to websites, but occasionally that applies to, you know, real art — tangible art you can look at and (possibly) touch and smell and experience.  I’m hoping that this post represents the first in a series of posts about art and artists.  Stuff we like and would like to share.

Jenevieve Hubbard is a local artist in Salt Lake City.  While originally from Cedar City, Utah, she spent much of her childhood in a native traditional village in Alaska, and absorbed the sights, sounds, smells and stories of the Y’upik people.

Her multimedia art caught our attention because she often uses unconventional materials like dirt, tea and india ink.  Her latest body of work, titled Narrow Passage, uses embroidered silk carved into wood panels.  If you’re in the Salt Lake Area  you should consider checking out her show at the Charley Hafen Gallery.

Here is a collection of some of her previous work:

Kutkh | Mixed Media on Canvas | 49 x 75

Tall Poppy | Mixed Media on Canvas | 20 x 25

Milk | Mixed Media on Wood | 20 x 25

Marrow | Mixed Media on Wood | 20 x 25

The Wren | Mixed Media on Wood | 20 x 25

b | Mixed Media on Wood | 12 x 12

Good Mother | Mixed Media on Wood | 12 x 12

Integration | Mixed Media on Wood | 12 x 12

Flowers in the Dark | Mixed Media on Wood | 30 x 40


2e6c0a0ecb51c9d67263485a1713294d The art of Jenevieve HubbardChris Reynolds is one half of Arcane Palette and writes the majority of the blog posts on this site. He also has a personal blog, jazzsequence, where he shares links, videos, thoughts about music, technology and gaming, and posts various personal music and writing projects.