Microsoft wants to remember it for you wholesale

An intelligent personalized agent (e.g., guardian angel) monitors and evaluates a user’s environment to assist in decision-making processes on behalf of the user. The guardian angel can… take automated action on behalf of the user for various purposes (e.g., to compensate for memory loss, to remind a user to take medicine, to assist in social interactions by indicating whether the user has met an individual before, to gauge the appropriateness of jokes or comments given the demographics of the audience, etc.).

via Liked Microsoft’s Clippy? Then You’re Going to Love “Guardian Angel”.

the above quote is from a patent that was just granted to Microsoft for a “guardian angel.”  this guardian angel is like a personal assistant, wet nurse, researcher, personal slave, backup brain hard drive, and personal private detective (who would analyze conversations in the room and cross-reference participants with FBI wanted lists and sex offender registrations) combined into one.  i’m sort of picturing that quasi-annoying bot in Caprica only more so.

is this at all surprising?  absolutely not.  we knew this sort of stuff was coming.

is it terrifying and quite possibly a prelude to our imminent demise at the hands of a cylon/human apocalypse?  very possibly.

will the final cylon please stand the frak up?

so, long time, no post.  don’t care, this isn’t a substantial post, i just wanted to get something off my chest.  ready?  okay, here goes:

if i see another stupid “who is the final cylon” quiz, article or anything, i am going to ftl the frak out of here.  it’s getting tired.

plus, everyone knows it’s gaeta.

here’s some interesting frakking stuff:

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IGN interview with the actor who plays gaeta (the real final cylon…i’m of course going to get flamed for saying that because he jokes about it in that interview.  that’s not what makes him the final cylon, btw.)
last, but certainly not least, adama oracle, cross the admiral with a magic eight-ball and add snark.

oh, and on a personal note, these were contributed for the 30 project….