Ex Libris 1.0.6 Released

We just updated Ex Libris (again). The current version of the theme, 1.0.6, includes a theme update notifier that appears in your dashboard under the Updates link. When a new version is available, you will get a Theme Update Available message with the updated version. Clicking on this will take you to a new page in your dashboard with instructions and a link to download the latest version. We’re excited about this new feature and encourage your feedback. We will be updating all of our themes with this new functionality over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if want to download the latest version of Ex Libris, fill out our upgrade request form and we’ll send you the link. After that, you’ll be seeing all future updates right in your dashboard. You can take a look at the changelog to see all the recent updates to the theme.

New Museum Theme: Ex Libris

Yesterday we released our fifth Museum Theme, Ex Libris.  If you’re reading this today (August 4, 2010), there’s still time to get $10 of the purchase price with the coupon code ‘exlibris’ (no quotes).

Ex Libris was designed for typophiles and writers, putting the focus on type and content rather than graphics and bells and whistles.  Everything about the theme was done with readability in mind, from the background color to the font size, but we also added some of our own creative flair to give it a bit of minimalist edginess.  We used fonts from the reputable exljbris font foundry, which also inspired the name of the WordPress theme.  We’re excited about the powerful type controls we’ve added to the options page, allowing users to have full control over the typefaces and font families used on their site.

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Ex Libris

Ex Libris was designed for writers and typophiles.  Lacking fancy graphical bells and whistles, we focussed our attention, instead, on making your content readable with full typographic control.  Ex Libris features a unique approach to choosing the typography for your site.  Rather than relying on the tired basic web fonts, we’ve embedded the gorgeous free fonts from font foundry exljbris, giving you freedom to style your site with access to full font families and unique typefaces, while maintaining a consistent visual style.  We’ve also built the theme with a unique, optional home page layout (Magazine Style, pictured above), and kept an uncluttered approach to page layouts.

If you’re a writer, if you love minimalism, clean design and unique typography, Ex Libris was made for you.  Literally.

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A new theme in the works

We spent the day today hammering out some ideas for a new Museum Theme.  We wanted to do something for those typophiles and writers out there; something minimalist with an emphasis on typography and a unique design.  The result is Ex Libris, which will be coming very soon.

Design options

Ex Libris will have 3 different modes (for the home page, at least).  The first (pictured above) is a standard page-style layout.  If you want your content to be the focus, and have a lot of static pages, this is the design for you.

Next, there will be a more traditional blog layout (pictured right).  This will give you a sidebar, post excerpts and a familiar post format.  You will also be able to use this on a blog page if you’re using a static page for your home page or the…

Magazine-style home page (below).  This option will feature your most recent post prominently, with older posts displayed in columns below.  We haven’t started coding yet, so you can be sure we’ll be adding other features when we are digging through the code.  One idea is to use the featured post area in the magazine layout for static home page content rather than a blog post.  Another idea is to allow the number of subsequent posts to be configurable from the options page.

Typographic control

The other thing we wanted to do with this theme is to give you, not only custom font embeds, but to allow you to choose what types you want to use for what parts of the page.  We’ll be bundling several gorgeous fonts and font families from the talented Jos Buivenga’s exljbris font foundry (which also inspired the name of the theme).  exljbris has earned many notable mentions on MyFonts and is responsible for the Museo family you see on this site (and on the recently redesigned jazzsequence.com).

We’re excited about this new theme, and can’t wait to share it with you.  If there are features or ideas for things you’d like to see included in this theme, let us know in the comments!

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