technology so cheap, it’s disposable

the other day i tweeted about a recent acquisition.  i found a computer lying in the street in the universal, “take this, it’s free” position.  i had little doubt that was actually the intent because the moisture underneath the pc case told me it had probably been out overnight.  i took it home figuring it looked… Continue reading technology so cheap, it’s disposable

Ada Lovelace Day

So, for Ada Lovelace Day, I am going to write about an unsung tech heroine close to my heart, my wife, erin.  erin is my biggest source of artistic inspiration.  she is an incredible visual artist (just check out erin’s sketchbook), and had to make quite an adjustment to adapt to web technology like we were committed… Continue reading Ada Lovelace Day

how windows 7 (inadvertently) helped me find a virus

so the other day, i got a notification in my systray that msdt.exe was corrupt, and possibly i should do a chkdsk to repair the problem. after seeing this crop up several times, i decided to take the message’s advice.  i stopped paying attention at some point, when i realized the chkdsk was gonna take… Continue reading how windows 7 (inadvertently) helped me find a virus