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  • teh s3quence 015 – HALLOWEEN 2011 EDITION

    teh s3quence 015 – HALLOWEEN 2011 EDITION

    Because I like to do things out of order (and also because I totally forgot that I hadn’t posted teh s3quence 014…), I’m giving you teh s3quence 015, the HALLOWEEN EDITION! Usually when I make a Halloween mix, it’s pretty straightforward — pick a bunch of songs that are about zombies, vampires, ghosts or are…

  • teh anti-4th(of july) s3quence

    teh anti-4th(of july) s3quence

    i always make these playlists for various holidays that are the opposite of the norm.  so, like alien sex fiend’s “stuff the turkey” or the ramones’ “merry christmas (i don’t want to fight tonight” for christmas.  in that spirit, and in the spirit that dissent is patriotic (even though, for the first time in a…