Back to his old tricks

Disclaimer: Geez, guys…if I realized I was going to inadvertently earn the ire of a nation of Stay at Home Babe fans, I might have thought a moment before I wrote that I thought she might not be a real person. Then again, I probably wouldn’…

rise above

[audio:RiseAbove.mp3] so i had this long post all ready to run based on some stuff i discovered through clicking around a certain blogger’s twitter feed.  it became the fictionalized story of two like-minded neophyte bloggers who came to the blogging world from an altogether different online world — the online porn industry.  they both had similar… Continue reading rise above

the secret to making money online is there is no secret

seriously, there is no secret.  it’s just critical mass. why is upstart blogger doing so well? because he has traffic.  lots of it.  and he has minions.  far-reaching minions that sell his product for him.  it’s great, almost unheard-of, that his affiliates make 50% commission off each sale of Twitter Rocket — that puts each… Continue reading the secret to making money online is there is no secret

a little argument with myself

[audio:littleargumentwithmyself.mp3] this is the argument i have in my head: upstart blogger has been around for a while. he’s established trust with his honest representation of things. he approaches topics reasonably. he’s also exposed a few twitter scams and pyramid schemes. he’s built a good reputation. also, he makes a lot of money blogging: a… Continue reading a little argument with myself