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  • Songhoy Blues

    Songhoy Blues

    This came in the Noisetrade email today. Garage Blues from Mali that’s pretty freaking incredible. Check it.  

  • The quest for the perfect playlist generator, part two

    In the last installment, I attempted to make various playlist generators read my mind by feeding it Yes but meaning mid-80s, post-prog synth-heavy rock & new wave with limited success.  For my second experiment, I picked “I’m Afraid of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe” by Murder by Death (which ended up being just a Murder…

  • teh s3quence 015 – HALLOWEEN 2011 EDITION

    teh s3quence 015 – HALLOWEEN 2011 EDITION

    Because I like to do things out of order (and also because I totally forgot that I hadn’t posted teh s3quence 014…), I’m giving you teh s3quence 015, the HALLOWEEN EDITION! Usually when I make a Halloween mix, it’s pretty straightforward — pick a bunch of songs that are about zombies, vampires, ghosts or are…

  • Random Song of the Day #3

    Random Song of the Day #3

    Completely bypassing #1 and 2 (since this is actually the third random song, after all), we move onto rsotd3.  This track is from when I did tech support and stumbled on an indie music site that had some free downloads.  The band is Nanang Tatang and I’ve been trying to find anything else by them…

  • Londinium: A Steampunk Short Film by Mason Booker — Kickstarter

    Londinium: A Steampunk Short Film by Mason Booker — Kickstarter

  • Interview with indie filmmaker Amy Do — Director of Rabbit Fever

    In the summer of last year, we took an exciting new project with an independent filmmaker named Amy Do.  She needed a website and blog for her first feature-length film, Rabbit Fever — a documentary about…well, rabbits.  She had a very distinct aesthetic she was looking for on the site, and the effort was truly…