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  • teh s3quence – Halloween 2015

    teh s3quence – Halloween 2015

    Teh s3quence – Halloween 2015 by Jazzsequence on Mixcloud It’s been a while since I put one of these together so I thought it was time. This year’s Halloween mix collects a bunch of stuff that I could hear being included in a horror movie. Think of it as the soundtrack to the horror movie in my…

  • Visitor Seven – 0E++ (jazzsequence remix) on ACID TED

    My Visitor Seven remix of 0E++ (a @slighter side project) was featured in the electronic music blog, ACID TED today. Go check it out, like, share, and all that stuff. Visitor Seven – 0E++ (jazzsequence remix) « ACID TED.

  • Making of “The Buzzer” on percussa’s blog

    @percussa did a blog post on my making of The Buzzer videos on YouTube. Making of “The Buzzer” starring AudioCubes | audiocubes by percussa.

  • The Signal is now available to download

    Hey everyone.  The Signal is now available for download via Bandcamp.  I’d like to thank again everyone who signed up to be a backer for this project.  We may not have reached our goal, but your contribution and generosity means a lot to me.If you s…

  • Read about The Signal on Percussa’s blog

    Read about The Signal on Percussa’s blog

    Celine from Percussa asked me to write a blog post for their site on The Signal because she thought I’d probably do a better job of talking about it than she would. I did, and the post is now live on their site. This is the first time since the Kickstarter project that I’ve really…

  • New look for jazzsequence.com (again…)

    New look for jazzsequence.com (again…)

    So, the jazzsequence.com redesign is still on (or at least planned), but I figured, since I just got a theme hosted in the WordPress.org themes repository, I might as well make it, you know, my theme so that at least one person is using it live, right? So here it is: Museum Core. I’ve also…

  • Article on Percussa

    I was featured on @percussa’s blog today: Chris Reynolds’ Album the Signal will be released very soon

  • All according to plan…

    After taking a break from the mad rush to get 35+ minutes of material for the RPM Challenge (time enough to work on a Beyonce remix), I’ve been revisiting the tracks for The Signal and getting the album ready for an official release.  I pushed the rel…

  • Free Download: Beyonce – “End of Time” 2-step remix by jazzsequence

    Ever wonder what a Beyoncé song would sound like as an electro-dance/breakbeat track?  Find out and download jazzsequence’s remix for the “End of Time” remix competition.

  • The end of RPM

    This post is for backers only. Please visit Kickstarter.com and log in to read.