nooooo! okay, the sso sucks. but, in other news, we’re wiidicted

i nixed the single sign on due to the fact that a) it was kind of buggy and b) i didn’t need it anyway.

but in better news.  WII.  seriously.  wii.  it’s wiitastic.  i’m wiidicted.  it’s wiilicious.  and i’ve got wii-arm now.

gavin’s b-day is coming up so we decided to get him a wii.  okay, he’s 3, but he likes crazy weird cartoony animals and games involving such, and the controls are more movement based meaning active and easy to learn, and it’s nintendo which means more games for kids, and it’s a more family oriented thing and it’s cool and and and…anyway, he likes it and it won’t be long before he starts playing.  but that’s getting ahead of the story cuz the point is the wii rocks.  i mean seriously.  more so than i had really considered.  it’s amazing how much more fun what would be a boringly simple and basic 3 inning baseball game or single tennis game is when you’re actually swinging a (wiimote) bat or (wiimote) racket.  even the dumbest minigames become more interesting when that leaning thing you do with an old school nes controller to make the car (or whatever) lean in one direction ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING.  it’s like someone watched videos of people playing video games and turning the controllers and leaning on the couch in weird angles and said “you know, i’ve got a great idea….”

a wii wasn’t something i’ve been planning on for forever.  actually, it wasn’t until we had the “what do we want to get for g for his b-day” conversation a month ago that i even really considered it.  but when i did, i thought it was a brilliant idea.  and i have been sort of following the press around the wii over the last year and the wii continues to be the most impressive in how it’s been able to grab people who aren’t gamers and appeal to them.  and it’s all in the innovativeness of the movement-based controller.  because nintendo isn’t nuts — it really is more fun to do rather than sit on your arse and watch, even if you remote control the guys on the screen with your fingers.  it’s a visceral thing.  it gets your body moving and your blood pumping and it feels good. and that’s what makes the wii rocktastic.  and it really takes doing it to realize just how wiitastic the wii is.  it makes me want to pack it up and take it with me wherever i go just so i can say “d00d, you gotta play this.”

otherwise it’s been busy, hence no posts.  we set up a freelancer account on elance where the projects and the site seems a lot more professional and businesslike.  i’m excited about that, and about making more money on our own work.

also, just a reminder, i’m sure you all have your calendars marked and have been keeping up, but today is the last day that dr. horrible will be available to watch.  after today, that’s it, it’s off the air and you have to wait for the dvd.  after watching all 3 acts i can say it was good.  not fantabulously awesome, but it was good.  it wasn’t knee-slappingly funny, but it was amusing.  the only real LOL bit was after the “hero” Captain Hammer steals Dr. Horrible’s (Neil Patrick Harris) love interest and they meet in the laundromat and Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) is gloating and says “She’s with Captain Hammer now.  And these [his fists] are not the hammer.”  He walks away and a full ten seconds later comes back and says “The hammer is my penis.”  the timing and the schoolyard-ness just cracked me up.  and Nathan Fillion is really good at being ironical (to use a Firefly word).

we’re going to california in about a week and i managed to get a macbook on ebay for $700 bucks (2ghz, 2gb ram, 60gb hard drive, office, logic, ilife  pre-loaded — i’m stoked, altho not so much about the office, i’ll probably dump that and get open office), so maybe i’ll do a road journal or something.

also, we’re giving the thinktank site another overhaul, with a dropdown menu to select the site theme.  it’s pretty exciting, and awesome.  we’ve got 4 themes up so far.  we need to figure out which one to use as the default.  behold the awesome.  we’re still working on more, but it’s functionally complete.

quick note about jazzsequence network…

looks like the single sign-on thing isn’t working right….when you create your wp account it doesn’t pass the authentication to the members/community site.  sorry about this folks, i’m getting it worked on.


well i got the join link up top working…sorta.  it’s just not using the single sign-on.  but it’s a temporary fix…


okay, so the links at the top work to get in but the user registration is separate from the wordpress registration for the time being.  i’m leaving it that way until i can find a solution to integrate the two.  :/

thinktank makeover, jazzsequence network

verily it was decided that it was time for a makeover of the thinktank site.  this came down from on high because we went to some other web designers’ sites and realized most, if not all, our contemporaries tended to be a lot more conservative in their presentation on their own website.  now, this seems counter-intuitive to me — i mean, it’s your site — you should show off how insanely badass you are.  but no, most of them are fairly boring, professional-looking sites.

well we didn’t want to do that.  but we did want to make it a bit more like what other people were doing.

so i had a brilliant idea to try to find a script or something that would allow for a dropdown menu that would choose the theme for the thinktank site.  so you could pick which one you were looking at.  not only would it be cool just for the cool gadget factor, but it would showcase our skillz and make us look more badass and give a lot of variety to the site.  it would (in theory) be as good a representation of what we can and do…do…as the portfolio itself!

BEHOLD! and the glorious dropdown of awesomeness!

(as a sidenote, we’ve been watching way too much how i met your mother recently…..)

i’ve got a couple more themes for the thinktank site in the works and erin’s gonna make some so it should be pretty sweet.


in other news, it’s not quite done yet, but i’ve created a kickapps community for jazzsequence.  you might remember me talking about kickapps a couple weeks ago in this post.  mostly this was an experiment to set it up, get it working, and know what it’s about so i can start building it for other people.  but it’s also cool in its own right and i think could take the place of the now-dead forums and such if, you know, i still *have* a community….if you have a login on the blog, you should already be able to log into the members area with the same info.  if not, make one, and be awesome.  there’s blogs and message boards and stuff (at least when i set it all up).  you can see what i’m talking about at