busy busy busy

so we’re back from our road trip.  i really meant to post a list of the fun and interesting stories that happened, but, you know, i didn’t have time.  as per usual.  i would like to state outright, however, that hitchhiking for gas in the middle of Nowhere, Utah isn’t very fun, but truckers can be awesome in a pinch.  (I’d like to thank the guy from Underground Solutions who was driving to SLC from San Diego who picked me up, and also the guy from a local utah trucking company I can’t remember who gave me a ride back to the car.  For anyone interested, we ran out of gas here — note how there’s nothing around…)  that was the most interesting, but not the most stressful event that happened.

alas, we’ve been busy.  we added a new phase to the thinktank reconstruction and that is converting it into a WordPress CMS type site.  i’ve said before that if you want to do a CMS, probably WordPress isn’t the best option, but we want to have a bunch of wordpress themes that we’ve built that we can show off so we can show that we’re good at them, and for something small (although getting bigger all the time) like the thinktank site, it works fine.  we’re still doing the theme switching thing, but we’ve only integrated one theme thus far.  the prototype site is up over here and the old site will be pulled down once we finish doing the other themes (and then build some more).

also, we did a redesign of the kidsblog and imported that into wordpress also.  erin did the design and we’re super-excited about it.  i helped with the integration, but mostly it was her.  meanwhile i’ve been playing with the laptop and discovered i can use the iSight (that’s what the camera is called, apparently) to make movies.  gavin really likes seeing himself on the screen so we’ve started encouraging that by starting a vlog that’s posted on the kidsblog.  i’m really hoping to make that a regular feature in addition to the usual news, updates, stories, and pictures of the kids.  i’ve considered doing the vlog thing myself, but i still haven’t settled on it.  so, until i do, this is all you get:

in other news, i want to test out Elgg when it’s released next week and i need volunteers to help beta test it for me.  head over here for info or to voice your interest.