3 things role playing has taught me about rules lawyers

I spent a good deal of my college life roleplaying. It was a thing I did. In a very visceral way, you could say it changed my life. One thing it taught me about was “rules lawyers”. A “rules lawyer” is anyone (typically a non-lawyer) who prefers to live according to the letter of the… Continue reading 3 things role playing has taught me about rules lawyers

That Thesis Thing

Update 7/22/2010: Thesis adopts the GPL! Over the last few days, the WordPress community has exploded into debate over one thing: Thesis and it’s restrictive, non-GPL-compliant license.  If you’re already familiar with the particulars of what Thesis is and what the debate is, you can skip the summary (to be honest, I’m sick of reading… (read more)

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the music industry’s last caress

[audio:LastCaress.mp3] sam rosenthal is a very driven man.  he’s built projekt records from the ground up, by himself, starting out as a way to release his own music as black tape for a blue girl.  he did this back in the early 80s when starting your own record label was something you didn’t do, and his record… Continue reading the music industry’s last caress