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  • teh anti-4th(of july) s3quence

    teh anti-4th(of july) s3quence

    i always make these playlists for various holidays that are the opposite of the norm.  so, like alien sex fiend’s “stuff the turkey” or the ramones’ “merry christmas (i don’t want to fight tonight” for christmas.  in that spirit, and in the spirit that dissent is patriotic (even though, for the first time in a…

  • teh (metal) s3quence, version 5

    teh (metal) s3quence, version 5

    i was listening to a mix cd i made of stuff i listened to in high school and junior high and the beginnings of it is all this old 90’s era metal that i was just discovering through friends and mtv, and it made me nostalgic.  nostalgic and singing along to “hangar 18” at top…