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  • Jenny and Jai

    Last weekend, we found out that two friends of ours — mothers of our kids’ classmates — were involved in a domestic dispute that left the two of them in the hospital in critical condition from multiple gunshot wounds. Full news reports here and here. What happened was horrid and devastating and both women not…

  • That’s our school!

    Deseret News covers the “Thriller” flash mob the 6-8th graders pulled off at the Open Classroom. Photos: ‘Cause this is Thriller: Kids dance to the scary classic | Deseret News.

  • 1st grade!

    Today is Gavin’s first day of 1st grade!

  • Catching up

    It’s 2011 and we’ve been remiss in updating this blog (and the flickr stream) with new pics.  So, here’s the last 3 months in brief… September The end of September we had several significant events and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa in California. But first… The Open Classroom had an all-school field trip to…

  • School pics

    We got pictures taken of G for school last week after we got back from California… photography by Blackburn Studio The photographer is actually an OC parent and his son will be in G’s class so he offered to do the shoot for free.