Jane Austen’s Fight Club

This completely made my night.  Wish it was a real film.

Hat tip to @allisonr via @SusanVLewis, but you can also read about it on @Mashable: “Jane Austen’s Fight Club” Fake Trailer Goes Viral [VIDEO]

It does raise an interesting question: the people who don’t think this is funny (or, alternately, bloody brilliant), are they unfamiliar with Fight Club, Jane Austen, or both?  It seems flipping fantastic to me, but I have a deep appreciation for the source materials from which it is derived.  Anyone?

a clue! a clue!

gavin really likes blue’s clues.

he’s started finding clues throughout the house.  he says “A clue! A clue!” when he sees something paw-shaped around the house.  this is a really post-modern experience for me and brings up an interesting question.

what is this thing that we’re finding clues for?  i haven’t written down all the clues in my Handy Dandy Notebook or sat in my Thinking Chair to Think.  Think.  Think. yet, but still…

i also think we’ve found more than 3 clues.  this is definitely an elaborate game of blue’s clues.