teh (anti)xmas s3quence

even scrooges occasionally listen to christmas music.  it’s just that our taste in christmas music is occasionally a bit twisted.  every year i make a playlist for the holidays.  here’s the latest incarnation with some of the staples that hang around year after year.

teh (anti)xmas s3quence

01 john lennon, happy christmas (war is over)
02 the pretenders, 2000 miles
03 the only ones, silent night
04 the xenos, santa
05 south park, mr. hankey the christmas poo
06 eartha kitt, santa baby
07 the waitresses, christmas wrapping
08 oscar the grouch, i hate christmas
09 johnf***ingdoe, spending other people’s money
10 kate bush, december will be magic again
11 pizzicato five, snowflakes
12 love spirals downwards, welcome christmas
13 lori carson, snow come down
14 danny elfman, making christmas
15 south park, the lonely jew on christmas
16 black tape for a blue girl, chanukkah, oh chanukkah
17 tenchi muyo, i saw mommy kissing santa claus
18 willie nelson, blue christmas
19 bing crosby & david bowie, little drummer boy/peace on earth
20 audra, let the reindeer live on my roof
21 the ramones, merry christmas (i don’t want to fight tonight)
22 alien sex fiend, stuff the turkey
23 ayumi hamasaki, itsuka no merry christmas
24 frank sinatra, have yourself a merry little christmas

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teh anti-4th(of july) s3quence

i always make these playlists for various holidays that are the opposite of the norm.  so, like alien sex fiend’s “stuff the turkey” or the ramones’ “merry christmas (i don’t want to fight tonight” for christmas.  in that spirit, and in the spirit that dissent is patriotic (even though, for the first time in a long while, i actually have a bit of hope for the country and faith in our prez), i make this anti-4th of july mix, which is somewhat appropriately posted on the 5th of july (although, it would have been better had i had this idea earlier and posted it on the 4th to combat all the “star spangled banners ” and “america the beautifuls” and john phillip sousa marches).

so put the speakers in the window and crank this baby out, blow up some leftover, illegal fireworks and have an anti-4th barbecue.


teh anti-4th(of july) s3quence

01 megadeth, anarchy in the uk
02 dead kennedys, california uber alles
03 propaghandi, stick the fucking flag up your ass
04 dj spooky & saul williams, the pledge to resist
05 saul williams, sunday, bloody sunday
06 nine inch nails, capital g
07 marilyn manson, rock n’ roll nigger
08 explosions in the sky, memorial
09 godspeed you black emperor!, rockets fall on rocket falls


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stuff i listened to in high school

it started as an idea after doing the road trip cds because i threw some stuff on there that i hadn’t really listened to in years.  erin and i started talking about stuff we listened to in high school, so i decided to make high school mix cds.  if you’re interested in my somewhat more formative music years*, follow the link.

* i consider my formative music years to be earlier, in, like 6th and 7th grade, when i was into such wildly diverse music like boyz ii men, paula abdul, michael jackson, prince, pink floyd, the doors, poison, and kiss.

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