Awesome, simple and fast stir fry

I just made a really awesome stir fry with some ingredients we just had lying around the house. I don’t consider myself a good cook (or, really, much of a cook at all), so I was surprised at how good this came out, considering it was sort of a “well, this sounds good” process of… Continue reading Awesome, simple and fast stir fry

Non-specific Citrus-Berry Punch

You know how Froot Loops don’t taste like any actual fruit known to man?  They kind of actually taste like some kind of non-specific citrus/berry thing?  Well, after taking my first sip of this drink, I had the exact same reaction. 1 shot rum (preferably white rum, like Bacardi) 4 oz Raspberry soda fill the… Continue reading Non-specific Citrus-Berry Punch

pink goat cheese fondue

i discovered/created a fondue recipe that i think is kind of awesome and offbeat.  the (possible) problem with it is that it’s pink.  sort of mauve actually. traditionally, fondue has 2 – 3 cheeses: gruyere and emmentaler are pretty standard.   you can also use appenzeller or raclette (swiss, not french, although french would do in a pinch if… Continue reading pink goat cheese fondue

spicy aztec coffee

we’ve been out of (flavored) creamer, so i invented this.  i’ve decided it’s awesome. 2 heaping tsp Lake Champlain Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate (if you needed to, the Allegro Mayan Drinking Chocolate that you can get from Whole Foods would probably work) Coffee (maybe slightly less than you’d usually pour into your cup) Creamer/Milk/Half & Half (i think this… Continue reading spicy aztec coffee