gwozdziec: pounding the last nail in

i’ve decided to call the gwozdziec album done.  it’s been almost a year since i first started the project, and it hasn’t moved an inch for several months.  my goal was to produce 10-12 tracks for the album, but rather than trying to drag out a project i sort of lost interest in, i’m quitting while i’m ahead.  i listened to the tracks this morning and i actually quite like them.  i’m not the sort of person who would do an album like chinese democracy and go over and over and over it for 10 years, i’m pretty much the sort to record it, mix it, and be done with it as soon as possible.  and i’m taking the lack of momentum on gwozdziec as a sign that the album is done.

so, i’m gonna get my shite together and upload tracks to the bandcamp site and get the same sort of package deal that s3quence has with the bonus content, except that, this time, everything is free.  it came from free, creative commons sources, and it goes back out into the world with a free, creative commons license.  much like my old band the loafmen, anyone can become a member of gwozdziec by taking the material and doing something with it.  i only ask that if you did want to remix it, to leave the gwozdziec name attached to it, just so there’s a breadcrumb trail left behind to follow.

look for stuff in the coming days — i’d like to get it out before february when my musical thoughts should be focussed on RPM 2010.

RPM 2010

i’ve signed up to do rpm 2010.  probably i’m insane with how busy we’ve been lately and i don’t know when i’m going to have free time to crank out some tunes and i never even finished the gwozdziec project i started after rpm last year (although that was more to do with my own dwindling interest in the project despite attempts to spice things up).  that said, i have some ideas for a musical direction i’d like to explore and, while next month is the month we’re planning on taking to develop some premium wordpress themes (to, you know, sell), i’m still hoping i can muster enough side-project time to crank out 10 tunes or 35 minutes worth of stuff.

anyone who’s a musician, this is something you should check out.  RPM is less of a competition and more of a affirmation.  it’s not about winning anything, it’s about proving to yourself that you can get it done or die trying, and it’s cool to hang out and network with other musicians and see what they’re up to, as well.